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Hello fellow fools, summer is now upon us and looks like the hot days are here. Does that mean
fishing has to slow down or even stop? Heck no! One fishing spot that a lot of people over look
is  within an hour’s ride from our area. That is, the Illinois River.

I make it a point every summer to hit this river a lot during the “dog days” of summer as they say.

Most people do not know that the river has a great white bass, Largemouth and Smallmouth
Bass population. I used to believe that it was just Catfish and Drum that was in the river to catch.
There are some very large catfish and drum to be caught but bass are everywhere in the river. I
personally like looking for gravel and sand shore lines.

It usually takes simple tackle to catch some good fish. I like using small crank baits or even
blade baits in almost every color you can throw.

If you can get your boat out of the current, throw a slider jig with a plastic grub on it working it
real slow, feeling for the light tap-tap or line movement.

Also look for eddies in the current and cast up into them. If you feel lazy, bring your lawn chair
with you in your boat, put on your favorite sports game and throw out a glob of Sonny’s stink
bait or a juicy night-crawler with a slightly heavier weight on the bottom and sit back and relax
and wait for old Mister Whiskers or a decent drum to take your bait. If you do this make sure you
apply sun screen to your face in case you doze off for 5 innings. You might be surprised what
you will catch.

The Fools are fishing the Illinois River in July so if you want to go make some calls and get in a
boat with somebody. Until next month, I will keep Pondering!

-- Jim