About Us


The Oswegoland Fishin' Fools fishing club was established in 2001 by Larry Motykowski.  We meet on the 1st Monday of each month at the Allied First Bank Building at 3201 Orchard Road, just North of U.S. Route 34 in Oswego, IL. 

Who we are

We are a group of anglers (both men and women) with a wide range of fishing interests and a desire to learn from and share with others in our sport.It's not necessary for our members to be residents of Oswego. We have members from Plano, Ottawa and other towns outside of our area. It is not necessary to own a boat either. Many of our members do own boats and are happy to have a fishing partner to help them manage the many tasks involved in navigating a body of water while at the same time trying to fish.


 Membership is not expensive. For only $40 annual dues members can gain opportunities to explore new fisheries, learn from well known experts and develop relationships with friendly people. Our meetings are free for first time Guests, except on days we have paid speakers at which time the cost is $10 per meeting. Any amount you pay prior to joining in a calendar year will be deducted from your dues. Participation is not a requirement of membership like some other clubs. Members decide what types of outings and seminars, etc., they wish to participate in, according to their interest.